Gosford Scottish Country Dancers


Scottish country dancing is social dancing. It is usually danced in groups of two, three or four couples, facing each other in lines or squares. It has its roots in the Highland Reels of Scotland and the 17th century dances of Europe. Together with its English counterpart, Scottish country dance has helped to spawn ceilidh dancing, contra and square dancing.

Quick-time jigs and reels will be familiar to many people. These dances involve a light skipping step, where the dancers move through a series of "figures" - Crossing, circling, reeling and turning in a pattern variously involving the "dancing couple" or their set. Unique to Scottish dance is the Strathspey - a slow reel which uses an elegant style of step. Scottish country dancing can vary from the energetic to the flirtatious.

Scottish country dance is more than "country" dancing. It is a dance for the ballroom, dance hall, village square or local inn. It has been popular amongst gentry, royalty and the common folk for well over 200 years. In Australia we dance in schools and church halls, clubs and pubs, as well as each other's back yards and lounge rooms.

The Gosford Scottish Country Dancers will be performing throughout the day. However, the best way to picture it is, of course, in the flesh. So make sure you come along and join in one of the many workshops at the Central Coast Scottish Spectacular

Highland Muscle was established in 2009 by brothers Rob and Lee Mitchell and in 2011 Stephen Henry also became a partner and is an integral part of the team. The team at Highland Muscle have a love for all thing Scottish, especially heavy events and we are excited to have them compete at the inaugural Central Coast Scottish Spectacular. The athletes love interacting with the crowd, so make sure you come down and cheer them on, or try out one of the implements for yourself.

  • Weight over the bar, is a 56lbs (25kg) weight to be thrown overhead to a height with one arm. Women throw 26lbs.
  • Weight for distance, is the 56lbs weight thrown one handed inside an area with a trig.
  • Light weight for distance
  • Caber toss which is always the crowd favourite. The athlete must turn the caber 180 degrees trying to have the end land as close as possible to 12 o’clock.
  • Keg toss isn’t a traditional event but it's exciting all the same. The athletes have to throw 5 empty beer kegs over a 3.6 m high bar as fast as possible. Fastest time wins.
  • Stone lifting, this has been a part of Scottish history for as far back as the Celts and Jacobites, it's said that some of the clans used certain stones to be lifted as a passage way of a boy becoming a man.

Kilted Dash

Get your kilt on and run for the chance to win $100!

The 2017 Central Coast Scottish Spectacular Kilted Dash is proudly presented by The Kilted Van.

The Open Men's and Women's Kilted Dash races are open to anyone aged 16+ who is wearing a kilt. First place in both races will be awarded a $100 prize.

Entry is by gold coin donation.

Junior Kilted Dash races may also be held for non cash prizes.

Drummers' Salute to Duncan Graham

All Pipe Band drummers are cordially invited to join ranks at the Central Coast Scottish Spectacular in Gosford on Sunday 5th November, where drummers in the massed bands parade will perform a Drummers' Salute to the late Duncan Graham.

Even if your band is not attending this gathering, but you personally would like to participate, you are welcome to attend and perform - this is an open invitation to all drummers of Australia who would like to pay homage to a great man who taught so many drummers and gave so much to the Pipe band scene of Australia.

Please note that whilst the main band event at the Central Coast Scottish Spectacular will be the NSW State Pipe Band Championships, it's also hoped there will be bands doing public displays.

You can download PDFs of both the snare and mid section settings at this DropBox Link for your enjoyment.
Snare drummers… You will note the piece is 4 short pages.
Bass and Tenors… you will note the salute has been culminated onto one easy page to digest.

If you have ANY questions don’t hesitate to contact Keith Tombs (0418 965784). He would love to hear from you!

Please note - we ARE aware that the first half (first two pages) of the Salute will be somewhat challenging for a good many drummers. However, we have a solution to this problem in so much that we have decided to break the performance in two. That is, we expect half the drummers on parade to play the first half on their own and then be joined by the rest of the drummers to play the back half of the salute - pages 3 and 4.  For those of you that played the Salute at Bundanoon, you will note that pages 3 and 4 is basically taken directly from the Salute to Brigadoon which you already know!  Take a look at the following YouTube link that has a few drummers at Knox Grammar performing the Salute in full.

Call to Action…

If you are looking to attend this event or would like more info, please contact Keith Tombs and give indication as to the number of drummers you would like to bring with you. This will help us when it comes to planning. Again… if you would like to discuss this event before committing, or if you simply have a question or two, please don’t hesitate to contact Keith.

We are really looking forward to the Drummers of NSW coming together to perform for a good cause.

Small group performances - Soloists, Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets, Mini Bands

Band not competing on the day ? Why not get a few friends together to form a mini band, quintet or perhaps something even more compact? Get yourselves out of the house and have some fun!
This could be exactly what you are looking for AND also exactly what WE are looking for. We will be guided by your level of interest and your suggestions. Bottom line is, if you tell us your idea, and how many would like to participate, then we will allocate a time slot(s) for you in our CCSS Fringe space adjoining the bar. This will be purely a display activity - no formal contest. But given sufficient participation, we might opt for picking a crowd judged favourite?

Our MC for the day is Michael Johnsen whose outstanding work as MC of The Aberdeen Highland Games may already be familiar to you-in which case you will also realise this could be very serious fun for everybody involved.

You might opt for something very traditional, or something novel and innovative. Totally your call. If it engages the crowd (particularly the younger members of the crowd), we will make a special space for you.

Have a think but you WILL need to act quickly. Let's hear your ideas !
Want to talk about it?
More info at contests@pipebandsnsw.com.au
or Pete Felton 0427 721130